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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patrick O’Brien (naked)


  1. Is this model a genetic hybrid? He has distinct simian features: his nose; his hands and his right foot are all deformed. The skin on his right palm is distinctly simian...in the marked border between skin of palm and skin of back of hand..very much like a chimpanzee. The thumb of his right hand appears to be a grafted toe... I would guess from his right foot. The right foot also looks deformed. Airbrush and creative lighting conceals a lot and the unblemished parts of his body are beautiful. His eyes are also wider apart than the norm. This is also distinct to simian features. Perhaps his genetic material came from a neanderthal? Genetic grafting is done, but the subjects consequential to these medical experiments must retain a certain cover to avoid rudeness from the public. Among his admirers are specialists with training and experience to see the details of his physiology. Quite interesting specimen, actually. His penis also bears clear scars from stitching. Perhaps he was a bomb victim as a child and a master surgeon reconstructed the wonderful model from the damage. If so, Bravo!

    1. This is all speculation based on the features clear among the many photos available depicting this model. He is a remarkably handsome young man despite being flawed for being human.

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