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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adam Ayash

Adam Ayash is a 21 year old stunningly sexy model who can be seen at All American Guys. Adam’s AAG profile states that “he describes himself as a brains & brawn kinda guy. Afterall, he's on the dean's list and has a pretty high IQ. Don't let the jock image fool you. He's majoring in Exercise Science and hopes to graduate in a couple of semesters. While growing up in his early teens, Adam was very much into skate boarding and sported really long hair and a "skinny" physique. Hard to believe he's grown into the body he now sports. Adam loves to work out in the gym and stay in top form year round. When not applying himself at school or at the gym, he admits that he loves to party. Other hobbies include traveling and playing the electric guitar, which he's quite good at”. Adam’s favourite sport is football and his most admired body part are is biceps."


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